Northern part of Iran has many traditional dishes, especially famous for the unique delicious tastes. The finger-licking “Kabab Torsh” is just one of them. “Torsh” means sour, so the name Kabab Torsh means sour kebab in Persian. Other famous dishes in the north of Iran are Fesenjan (It has become popular all over Iran), Mirza Ghasemi, Morgh-e Torsh (sour chicken), Torshi Tareh and etc. If you’re interested to know more about Iranian traditional food, follow this link.

Kabab Torsh

Kabab Torsh Recipe

Here’s the recipe of this nutritious and flavorful dish:

Kabab Torsh Ingredients:

300 gr lamb or beef

1 onion

50 gr walnut

2-3 spoons of sour pomegranate paste

1 spoon of aromatic vegetable (parsley, coriander, mint, summer savory and tarragon)

Few pinches of salt and pepper

First, grind the walnut and chop up the onion. Make a mixture of pomegranate paste, ground walnuts, pepper, onion, extra virgin oil, and vegetables. An option is to add two shredded garlic cloves if you like the flavor. Marinate chopped lamb meat in this mixture and keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours. It’ll give the kebab a nice texture and diverse flavors. Add the salt at the end, so the meat won’t get hard.

Persians traditionally make Kebab using carved fresh figs branches which makes the meat juicier and more tender. However, nowadays people use stainless steel skewers more often. The original style is to barbecue them on the coals. Just remember the flames should be moderate as Kabab Torsh doesn’t get burned. At the same time, it’s cooked fully. Turn the skewers several times and take them away from heat before kebab dries.

Kabab Torsh

Some Points About Kabab Torsh

Kabab Torsh is usually served alongside bread, rice, yogurt, and fresh vegetables, especially basil.

More pepper makes this dish even tastier.

You can barbecue some skewers of tomato besides Kabab Torsh.

In case you don’t have pomegranate paste, you can use two spoons of smashed sour pomegranate or half a cup of sour pomegranate juice.

Kabab Torsh

Another option is to cook meat with water and oil in a pot over low heat.

In Northern Part of Iran, to marinate Kabab Torsh, they use some local vegetable called “Chochaq”. If you travel there, you can buy Chochaq and use that instead of the vegetable types mentioned.





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