Bandar Anzali or Anzali Bay, one of Iran’s most picturesque ports, is situated in the country’s north, close to the city of Rasht. Iran’s European North is another name for Bandar Anzali. A port that, of course, is full of attractions and has long been one of Iran’s most significant ports. There are so many sites in Bandar Anzali Iran, formerly known as Pahlavi Bay, that it is impossible to see them all in a brief visit.

Anzali Lagoon, also known as Anzali Mordab—previously known as Pahlavi Mordab—is one of the numerous attractions in this wonderful city that is highly popular with visitors.

History of Bandar Anzali

Anzali lagoon

One of Iran’s oldest and busiest towns in Bandar Anzali, or Anzali Port, which is also one of its oldest. The name of this town truly refers to the Achaemenid period, when they maintained strong contacts with people all over the world.

Bandar Anzali was known as the city of rain in the past, and it still rains a lot, especially in the spring. The humidity in Bandar Anzali is excellent for growing rice.

Due to the mutually beneficial commercial relationships they had, the residents of this city were known as a slice of European heaven and were among the first on the globe to become familiar with European customs and laws.  When the Pahlavi dynasty was in power, they changed the name to Pahlavi Port, but after the revolution, they changed it back to Anzali Port.

Another significant feature of Bandar Anzali Iran is that it dates back to the reign of Nader Shah Afshar, a famous monarch of his time who made enormous efforts to construct the first ship—now known as the Navy Army—to defend Iran’s waters. The first ship that they produced is regarded as the best ship and is even better than the Russian ship, and he invited one of the well-known Englishmen by the name of John Elton to build a ship factory in this city.

Anzali Lagoon, a Unique Attraction

As soon as you approach Anzali Lagoon and make a small inquiry, you will come across a number of locations full of boats that encourage you to engage in an enjoyable activity. Take one of these boats to the amazing sight.

bandar anzali

Anzali Lagoon, also known as Anzali Liman, is one of Iran’s most stunning and well-liked natural tourist spots and is said to be the habitat of several creatures. Due to its location, this wetland cannot be compared to any other wetlands in Iran. Its high humidity and excellent water quality make it a special lagoon. You will probably take note of this wetland’s wonders the majority of the time. If we claim that, this lagoon serves as a refinery and is a stopover on the route to the Caspian Sea rivers.

Where Is Anzali Lagoon Located?

This 120-square-kilometer lagoon, which is located southwest of Bandar Anzali and the Caspian Sea, is Iran’s largest natural wildlife refuge. The Lagoon’s water depth is around 2.5 meters in the spring, although it fluctuates depending on how much rain falls and how long the drought lasts. Due to its geographic position, Anzali Lagoon stands out among all other Iranian lagoons in terms of excessive humidity and rainfall.

Anzali Lagoon Activities

With the following attractions and spectacles, Anzali Lagoon can provide you with the following priceless experiences:

Riding a boat and watching tulip flowers

The best time to visit Anzali Lagoon is from the start of the summer until the end of it if you have the time to travel. The Lagoon is currently awash in tulip flowers, which gives the area the ideal colors. Lily of the valley, also known as a lotus, is a plant with very large, thick, and numerous pink petals on its large, circular, green leaf that emerges from the water.

Many of these flowers are mistakenly thought of as lotuses, but if one pays close attention to their appearance, they can be distinguished. The lagoon is a floating plant with its roots in the water and floating stems, leaves, and flowers.

You may rent a boat in various locations of the Anzali Lagoon for a price and navigate the water by yourself while looking for the item. Do not pass up the chance to see this wetland’s beauty. This wetland’s natural beauty may serve as a compelling subject for photography and result in some interesting pictures.

You have a few different ways to cruise the lagoon, including regular boats, equipped or VIP boats, and sea buses.

In Anzali Lagoon, more than 30 authorized marine tourist cooperatives are permitted to lend boats to visitors, and they can do so for a variety of prices starting at 100,000 Tomans and above, depending on the quantity, time of year, and season of the trip. However, we advise you to travel to approved cooperatives rather than the numerous unregistered and unregulated boats that operate in Anzali Lagoon and offer to take you to the lagoon for less money.

Bird watching

In Anzali Lagoon, several birds that have flown into Iran from its northern neighbors are sheltering. This makes it one of the top locations for engaging in bird-watching activities. You may spend hours sitting, admiring birds, and their activities. In the Wildlife Refuge, a station for bird viewing has just been established, which you may visit.


In the past, the only watercraft an Eskimo could use to go through the Arctic and the North Sea was a kayak, but today, kayaks are used for sports events. You may set out on Kayaks to experience exciting moments on your own and various sports on the edge of the Anzali Lagoon.

Every 45 minutes, 20,000 tomans are produced. A total of 30,000 Tomans every hour and 50,000 Tomans every 90 minutes.


fishing- bandar zali

Fishing has become popular in modern times. You may appreciate and take pleasure in fishing’s serenity in the Lagoon and the Anzali Rivers. Of course, you cannot rent equipment here; you must bring all essential supplies with you before beginning. In order to avoid endangering the animals’ lives, your senses will be in tune with the appropriate fishing season. In this instance, you can employ local advice.

Anzali Lagoon Flora and Fauna

The Anzali Lagoon in Bandar e Anzali is home to many plants and animals, making it a great place for enjoying the scenery and taking memorable pictures. The following are the types of flora and fauna inhabiting this beautiful place:

Anzali Lagoon Vegetation

Anzali Lagoon, like all other wetlands, is home to a wide range of flora, including water lilies, lotuses, and several other flowers. Plants that require a lot of moisture have been able to thrive in the areas surrounding the marsh because of the presence of damp soil. The majority of these plants are trees and shrubs, including Sazo, Nakhal Tlabi, Qashlagi Alder, Shab Khasb, and Dermene.

Anzali Lagoon Birds

Bandar Anzali

Any researcher would be keen to visit the lagoon for the purpose of monitoring and studying local and migratory birds because of the region’s rich biodiversity’s wide range. The Anzali Wetland is widely renowned for housing a variety of bird species, including herons, purple swamphens, western marsh harriers, ducks, egrets, white-tailed eagles, pygmy cormorants, geese, swans, and coots, to name just a few.

Anzali Lagoon is the resting place of choice for 77 of the 145 species of migratory birds in Iran. As a result, Anzali accommodates birdwatchers and other wildlife enthusiasts at specified times so they may enjoy an incredible experience and view the life that the region has to offer. A boat is required to take in the stunning scenery of the lagoon.

Anzali Lagoon Mammals

Mammals are the most harmful animals in the Anzali Wetland, and their numbers are declining as a result of both overharvesting and the loss of safe habitats on the wetland’s border. Sheng, boar, tesi (hedgehog), weasels (ginjamani), water otters, jackals, forest cats, Caspian jaw, and other animals may be found in this region.

Other Animal Species

anzali lagoon

Some additional animal species, including Caspian turtles, Persian frogs, lizards, European pond turtles, snakes, black rats, squirrels, and insects like hawksbills, call this marsh home.

Sights Around Anzali Lagoon

Abkenar hamlet is one of the sights near the Anzali lagoon. This community is situated near the water, as implied by its name. This community is situated in a plain location and is reachable by two asphalt roads as well as water roads.

Bandar Anzali

Warm and friendly residents of this community work in horticulture, summer crops, and rice farming. There are fruit trees in every border region of the Anzali marsh, but they are not regarded as a source of revenue for the locals. Additionally, some individuals make a living through fishing. Mazandarani beans, beans, and watermelon farms are just a few of the village is other goods. The journey to this town will likely be remembered as a tranquil experience since Abkanar village is incredibly calm despite its distinctive attractiveness.

Anzali Lagoon Islands

There are many islands in the Anzali lagoon, which are:

Qalam Godeh Big and Small

The outer or southern and eastern end of the Anzali coast is where an island by the name of Qalam Godeh is located, and this is where ships typically anchor. The passageway on this island is 125 meters broad, deep, and long, much like a river. Ships in this channel are completely safe to anchor close to the coast, load, and deliver their cargo. Reeds surround the hole, which has four domestic animals grazing on its dry ground. An automobile bridge connects this island to the city, which is located across a river from the island.

 Big and small Mian Pashteh

The Mian Poshteh Island, which is long, covered in trees, and has a forest on it, is located in front of Qalam Godeh. Due to the high gusts, this island, which is just one meter above the ocean, frequently floods. It measures 1260 meters in length from east to west, and its widest point is 765 meters in the eastern section. At the point where the river empties into the sea, the island’s 630-meter-long north shore is situated. An automobile bridge erected over the river serves as the link between this island and the city.

 On this island, there was formerly a storage facility for gunpowder, and there were remnants of a Bagh Shah garden from the reign of Khosro Khan. In addition to this structure, there are two institutions for drying cocoons, forty-five fishing huts, five houses, and a park named Yusuf Abad.

Mian Godeh and Akbar Abad

Mian Godeh is just next to Akbar Abad, a little island that is close to Qalam Godeh.

Mian Poshteh Kol

On top of Mian Poshteh, a little island is well known for the trees that have been planted there.


The Selgah island in Moradgodeh has the appearance of a pool. The Colliver neighborhood residents of Anzali Port travel to this island to go duck hunting. A person who spends his entire life hunting ducks is referred to as Sel Bar in this area. Hemp is produced in a portion of the island that is farmed.

Cheragh Poshtan

This island is located 6 km from Anzali and the east of Murad Godeh.

Other Islands

The following islands—Pileh Ali Bagh (Pale Ali Bagh), Khokhli, Seyyed Kazem Bagh, and Mir Hassan Bagh—can be found to the east of Anzali. The lagoon also contains the islands of Taleghani and Abkenar.

How to Get to Anzali Lagoon

Even though the lagoon is quite large, it is recommended to travel to designate Anzali municipal ports that are under the union’s jurisdiction. Pay no heed to unidentified persons who offer to take you somewhere and be wary of the signs that are posted throughout Bandar Anzali. There are more local natural features near Bandar Anzali, but owing to its swampy terrain, it is not advised to go there without a knowledgeable guide.

Anzali Lagoon Weather

In Anzali Lagoon, which is close to the Caspian Sea, the summers are hot and muggy while the winters are mild with lows around 0 C.

Restaurants Close to Anzali Lake

bandar anzali

Near Anzali Lagoon, there are restaurants where you may go to eat well-prepared meals. Mah TT, Daryakadeh, Haj Morteza, Niloofar Abi, Darya, and Negin Mardab restaurants may be listed among them.

Staying near Anzali Lagoon

The Shalizar Hotel, Jahangardi Hotel, Almas Hotel, and Sefid Hotel are all options if you want a place to stay close to Anzali Lagoon. Aside from this, renting a villa or a suite in Bandar Anzali will allow you and your fellow tourists to create lasting memories of your time there.

When is the Best Time to Visit Anzali Lagoon?

Anzali Lagoon is highly recognized for its lotus blossoms, as was already said. You will thus have a fantastic chance to visit these lovely blooms over the summer if your time allows for travel. At that time, the lagoon is completely covered in lotuses, which gives the area the ideal hue. You may board a boat in the Lagoon and row between the flora and fauna of the northern Iranian Wetland after arriving there.

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