If nature and the lakes are your favorites, join us to learn about one of the greatest lakes in Iran. Saqalaksar lake neighboring Rasht city is unique in its beauty and natural attractions. Imagine the picturesque view of forests and a lake in the middle. The lake is known as the cleanest lake in Iran. 

Interesting Things to Know About Saqalaksar Lake

Saqalaksar Lake

Saqalaksar lake plus all the surrounding luscious green forests are about sixty-four meters above the sea level and cover a fifteen hectares area. The lake is six hundred meters long and five hundred meters wide. Saqalaksar lake is an artificial one, shaping behind a dam. Therefore it is supplied by the precipitation and the springs around the area. 

Literally, Saqalaksar is a combination of three words, “saqa”, meaning waterhole, “lak” meaning stork, and “sar” meaning starling; so it means where lak and sar provide their water from. They say these birds live around and use the lake as their water supply.

To grasp all the beauty and to take a sip of the tranquility make sure you walk along the coast of the lake and through the woods. And listen to the birds, sing. If you’d rather camp there and enjoy the quiet peace of the lake, try to visit during the weekdays, not on weekends or holidays because it gets crowded.

There are some boats to pedal through the lake and take a look around with a much different perspective.

Saqalaksar Lake

Until a few years ago there was a house in the lake. During the high precipitation seasons, the house would go under the water and during the dryer months it would come out. Unfortunately, they have removed it for no obvious reason.

The Cleanest Lake in Iran

Saqalaksar Lake

It is famous for the cleanest and purest natural habitat in Iran. The villagers who live nearby are very friendly and welcoming. They believe the village doesn’t belong to them or anyone else, it belongs to mother earth and they should do their best to keep it the way they got it. Like Zoroastrians, they believed deeds speak louder than words or thoughts, so in order to have a sound mind and heart, a healthy environment is crucial.

Any way to keep the lake the same way they received it, they have a nice tradition. Before you get in you need to pay an entrance fee. When you pay, they welcome you and hand you some bags for your trash. During your stay, in case you see any trashes around and put them in the bags, they will pay you back some amount of your entrance fee for each bag you turn in when leaving the site. 

Saqalaksar Lake is beautiful in all months of the year. In any season it has its quirky charm and spells you. No doubt, you will fall in love with the light green trees overlooking the lake in Spring, glowing flowers, and the vibrant rice farms on your way. Similarly in Fall, the view of fire-color leaves around the lake will leave you speechless. And finally, let me say nothing bout the white snow coving all the trees and the icy surface of the lake in Winter.

In Advance, You Go

Saqalaksar Lake

Before you go to Saqalaksar Lake there are some hints you need to consider:

1. The lake is not open for fishing and swimming.

2. They only let visitors in till 8 PM not afterward.

3. If you are traveling with friends don’t worry about the fee. It’s not expensive and it is for each car not per person. 




Saqalaksar Lake’s Location And Final Words

Saqalaksar Lake- Iran

Saqalaksar Lake is located in a village with the same name, fifteen kilometers away from Rasht (the capital city of Gilan Province). Try to enjoy the most from the pure air and scenic sceneries. Then afterward, if you tend to visit nearby top attractions of Rasht, Shahrdari Square, Saravan Park, and Gilan Rural Heritage Museum are great options. Also, Masoleh stepped houses, and Ghale Roudkhan are other top attractions of Gilan, close to Rash that you shouldn’t miss.



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