Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Get ready to join us on a trip to visit one of the amazing lakes of Iran. Together we step on the path leading Ovan Lake and get to know this natural attraction of Qazvin. We will tell you about the facilities of Ovan Lake and review the opportunities for having fun along this lake. Stay with us.

But first, Let’s see why you should put Ovan Lake in your itinerary. Firstly, Ovan Lake is one of the natural lakes of Iran, which is famous for its spectacular scenery. Secondly, there is a suitable road to the lake and acceptable facilities along its edge which provides a proper resort for families to have fun. Thirdly, it has a great area for camping. This is another feature of Ovan Lake that attracts nature lovers to spend the night in nature.

The Amazing Views Of Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

At a distance of 75 km from Qazvin and in a mountainous area, there is a lake, Ovan Lake. Due to its special location, It has a spectacular view at an altitude of 1815 meters above sea level. If we look at this lake from above, we can see it in the middle of a green plain, surrounded by mountains. And Ovan, means the place where water collects. It is good to know that since February 11, 2011, Ovan Lake has been On Iran’s Natural Heritage List as the eighty-ninth National Natural Heritage.

There are narrations about how this lake was formed. For instance, they say Ovan Lake has been formed by a landslide about 500 years ago. On the other hand, some believe that Ovan is a remnant of a larger lake such as the Caspian Sea which has shrunk in size over time. And according to this theory, the name of Qazvin is a changed word for the Caspian Sea.

Sights And Entertainments Of Ovan Lake

Every year, many tourists travel to Ovan to enjoy its sights and relax:

The Beauties On Your Way To Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

To get to Ovan Lake, you have to take the Qazvin-Alamut road, a winding, mountainous road that may not have good asphalt. But it has the view of endless blue skies and spectacular nature.

The curves of the road will force you to slow down. You may stop by for a moment to see a spectacular view and sit in silence and peace to watch the beauties of the creation. This road, in spring, has the most beautiful scenery. At most after 3 to 4 hours of driving, you cross the last turn of the road and finally get to see a breathtaking view of this amazing lake in Iran.

Lake Ovan is awaiting you …

Boating On Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

In the warmer seasons, you can use pedal boats around the lake for a fee. The fee might be more when you are visiting Iran after Corona Pandemic. But right now it costs 20,000 Tomans per person.


Ovan is one of the famous destinations for photography. And you can take the most beautiful photos of the lake from the surrounding heights. If you are near Ovan in the early morning, you can see a thick fog around the lake, which is great for photography. In case you are wondering, the cold environment in the morning and the relatively warm water of the lake at the time create the fog.


Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

The high mountains that surround Ovan Lake are good options for mountaineering. By climbing these mountains, you can see the beauty of the lake from a different point of view.

Watching The Birds

With the arrival of the bird migration season in the fall, migratory birds such as swans, geese, and ducks come to the lake and spend some time there. This time of the year is the best opportunity to experience the fun activity of bird watching. It will be a unique experience.

Ice Skating

If the weather is cold enough in winter, the surface of the lake will freeze. And in addition to showing off a totally different glory, it will become a good place to experience ice skating.

Swimming And Fishing Are Prohibited!

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Ovan Lake is a no-hunting zone. Because overhunting and overfishing have caused irreparable damage to the region’s ecosystem and wildlife in recent years. Despite the many signs that ban visitors from fishing, people still do it and endanger the lives of the fishes.

Sediments on the lake floor and the plants in it are some of the reasons that make swimming in Ovan a high-risk activity. So the best thing to do is to pay attention to the warning signs and not endanger your lives and the lives of others.


Many tourists prefer to spend the night by the lake and in tents. You should know that the southern side of the lake is the best place to set up your tents and spend the night. If you are not interested in camping, you can use the hotels in Qazvin, 75 km from the lake. Or go to eco-lodges and rural houses in the Alamut region.

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Facilities In Ovan Lake Area


Tent platform
Beds to sit on
A small buffet
Suitable space for parking vehicles

The Best Season To Visit Ovan Lake

The best time to visit Ovan Lake is May to October, but each season gives the area special features that are worth visiting.

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Spring And Summer

Due to the lake’s location in a mountainous area, its climate in spring and summer is very mild and pleasant. Many travelers come to visit Ovan in these seasons.

Autumn And Winter

With the beginning of the cold season and the decrease in temperature, the cold prevails in the region. But it is not possible to ignore the beauty of a-thousand-colors autumn and the white face of the earth in winter.

Travel Accessories

Ovan Lake is a long way from the city, so it is better to have food with you. If you plan to spend the night by the lake, it is better to take warm clothes and firewood with you. You will need firewood because summer nights are also cold in this area. And unfortunately, there is no firewood around the lake. You can also get firewood or charcoal from Rajai Dasht.

Do not forget the flashlight, water, food, and other necessary items for spending the night in the tent.

Geographical LocationOvan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Ovan Lake is 75 km away from Qazvin city and is located in the northern half of the Rudbar Alamut region at the foot of Khoshchal mountain. Four villages of Ovan, Verben, Zivardasht, and Zarabad are next to it. If It helps here is the geographical coordination of the lake, N362858, and E502637.

Access To Ovan Lake

You can find the lake at this address: Qazvin province, 88 km northeast of Qazvin city, Alamut region

To go to Ovan Lake, you need to get to the entrance of Qazvin city or as the locals call Gharib Kosh square. To the right of this square, there is a sign that shows you the route to Alamut. Upon entering this route and after 40 km, you will get to Rajai Dasht. Then after 20 km, you will get to a fork. One of these roads leads to Alamut Castle and the other to Ovan Lake. You need to take the left road. Then after 8 km, you will get to Zarabad village. When you get there you can be sure that the Lake is so close. The last 2 km of the road is not asphalt.

Ovan Lake In Details

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

Ovan Lake, with dimensions of 325 meters by 275 meters, has an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters. Various figures have been given for the depth of the lake, but studies and observations by the diving team confirm a depth of 6.8 meters for the deepest part of the lake in its southeast.

The water of Ovan Lake is fresh and its temperature reaches about 23 degrees Celsius in the deepest part. The bed of the lake is full of sludge and sediments which creates a sticky state in its bottom. And that’s why you can not see through the water. If you can it will be less than 1 meter.

The Water Source Of The Lake

Ovan Lake - Alamut - Qazvin

The water of Ovan Lake is supplied by small springs that are located in its bed. In addition to the springs, there are also small streams that increase the amount of water in the lake. But the amount of water these streams supply is much less than what the underground springs do.

Interestingly, some streams originating from Ovan lake flow into the villages of Kushkak and Aeen. These streams supply the water for the farmers to irrigate their lands.

Flora And Fauna Of Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake - Alamut - QazvinFrom the edge of the lake to the foothills of the surrounding mountains, you can see many trees such as willow, sycamore, Tabrizi, apple, cherry, elm, hazelnut, and walnut. Among the trees, there are also herbaceous plants such as astragalus, artichoke, and licorice. There are also some plants inside the lake.

Around the lake and in the mountains there are goats, leopards, brown bears, foxes, jackals, wolves, boars, shengs, lynx (wild cats), eagles, slabs, coyotes, hawks, owls, partridges, cuckoos, woodpeckers, Greens, crows and a variety of sparrows, frogs, turtles, and crabs. There are also fish such as rainbow trout and carp in the lake. Moreover, the plants in the lake, provide a suitable environment for the Pikes to live.

Tappersia Recommendations

There are no significant facilities on the Qazvin-Alamut route. So get whatever you may need in the city and then hit the road. Of course, you can also buy limited items in Rajai Dasht. Due to the mountainous nature of the route and the dangerous turns, be careful driving there. And do not forget to taste the traditional food of Qazvin and do not neglect to buy souvenirs of this city.

Final words

Thank you for joining us on this short trip to Ovan Lake of Alamut in Qazvin province. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this amazing lake. If so please let us know in the comments for your words are worth the world to us. In case you need any more information or you want to book a tour to Alamut with Tappersia you can reach us via the contact information below the same page. We hope to see you soon in Iran!



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