Keshit Waterfall, Kerman, Iran

The more time you spend in Kerman, the more surprised you will be. This vast province has a lot of breathtaking spots at every turn. Kerman shows you strangely striking sights that will remain once for a lifetime experience. Today TapPersia is going to take you to a wonderful waterfall in Iran. A waterfall located […]

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Lut Desert (Dashte-e Lut)

Lut literally means plain, bare, waterless, and grassless. And Lut Desert has all these qualities. And “Dasht” means “a plain”. Lut is a desert in the southeast of Iran. A location between South Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman. 175 thousand square kilometers wide, it includes one-tenth of Iran’s area. Lust Desert is the 25th […]

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