Shater Abbas restaurant located in northern Tehran, in Parkway Crossroad, Valiasr Ave, is a Persian traditional restaurant that was built about 80 years ago. At first sight, you can see the first menu of the restaurant and get familiar with the foods, culture and prices of that age.

The restaurant has a great view of Parkway crossroad and a warm atmosphere with beautiful Persian architecture.

In this restaurant you can enjoy watching the process of baking traditional Iranian thin bread. The appetizing aroma of freshly baked bread caresses your nose, triggers your appetite and prepares you for the main dish.

The waitress brings you bread, cheese and fresh vegetables (basil, leek, cress and garden radish) as a starter. The menu contains a wide range of kebabs like Shish kebab and chicken kebab that may puzzle you. To narrow your options I recommend their famous Shish kebab (a skewer containing lamb meat, green chilly peppers and onions). It is garnished with grilled tomatoes, pickles, onion and parsley. You can also order their nutritious Doogh, which is a mixture of local sour yogurt, water and dried vegetables, served in a tiny and cute pitcher.


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