Khoresh Mast-Yogurt Stew-IsfahanIn Persian cuisine, the word “khoresht” mostly refers to thick, sour stews which are served as main meals alongside a some sort of rice dish. On the other hand, Khoresht Mast (literally meaning “yogurt stew”), despite having the name khoresht in the title, is a bright yellow, sweet dessert and mostly served as a side dish. You can find Khoresht Mast in most restaurants of Isfahan. In order to cook Khoresht Mast, you should first braise and shred lamb neck. Yogurt and sugar are simmered inside a separate pot while the shredded meat is slowly added. Once the mixture forms a paste-like texture, brewed saffron and rosewater is added, giving our Khoresht Mast a gorgeous yellow color and an exotic taste. Put the final product in fridge for 24 hours to chill to create the perfect consistency.
When it gets ready to serve, the dish is designed with sliced pistachios and almonds and topped with barberries(Isfahan local foods).

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