Thyme, or as Persians call it “avishan”, is an herb with many culinary and medicinal uses.
It’s leaves are used to season red meat, fish and even soups and salads. Thyme oil is used for massages and treating back problems such as backaches and spasms. Persians, on the other hand, use thyme tea as a cure for sore throats and asthma. The tea, along with having multiple antibacterial properties, is also a fantastic aid in the digestive process, You can find thyme tea in most cafes throughout Iran, or easily make it at home.
To make thyme tea(Isfahan local food), you should use dried thyme leaves. If you only have access to fresh thyme leaves, you first need to dry them. Cut the stalks and wash them thoroughly, dry them in an outdoor shaded area, and then tie them in a small bundle and hang them upside down. The thyme will take about 2 weeks to completely dry. Put 1 tsp dried thyme leaves in a pot (you can add cinnamon for a better taste and aroma) brew it for 5-10 minutes and strain the tea into a cup. Before serving, you could add some honey and a lemon slice to magnify the taste.


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