Khara Desert - Isfahan

Iran is full of breathtaking deserts that each of them is unique in their own way. Lut is probably the most known desert in Iran, which is in Kerman; but if you have some free time while enjoying Isfahan, Khara Desert is one of those places that is underrated but makes you stand in awe the second you get there.

Khara Desert is located 100 kilometers east of Isfahan, reaching Gavkhouni Wetland in east and Zayandehrud River in the north. Khara Desert near Isfahan is surrounded by high beautiful sand dunes, some of them reaching 100 meters height. Each time of the year you get to see different shapes of sand dunes as a result of different wind directions.


Khara Desert - Isfahan

Khara(Isfahan Nature) is 17 thousand hectares in extent, that makes it a suitable place for relaxing. You can go there and have a nice picnic on the sands, enjoy the view, and get some of the best photos of your trip to Iran. This desert may not be very known among foreigners but it has nothing less than some other deserts in Iran.


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