One of Isfahan’s man-made green areas is the Flower Garden of Isfahan. There are several colorful blossoms gathered in this garden for exploration and admiration by guests. Due to this garden’s adaptability, a wide range of individuals has been able to use and appreciate it.

This garden’s stunning structures were designed in the classic Persian style, which is evident in their spectacular architecture. Additionally, the gorgeous landscaping of the flowers and plants gives the yard a delightful sense of freshness.

We will dive into the details of the beautiful and wonderful Flower Garden of Isfahan.

History of Isfahan Flower Garden

Isfahan flower garden

Nowadays, the environment and other living things are in danger due to the fungus-like growth of polluting industries, air pollution is the cause of numerous respiratory, cardiovascular, and cardiovascular diseases, and people are suffering from painful moments of nature alienation as a result of mechanization and industrial development.

Fortunately, Isfahan’s green spaces have grown over the past few decades thanks to the municipality’s planning and the Parks and Green Spaces Organization’s efforts. The city’s average green space and garden now measures 13.5 square meters per resident, which, in a quick comparison, is close to the global minimum standard of 15 square meters.

Isfahan’s parks, which are made up of various gardens and green spaces, such as the pleasant areas along the Zayandehrood River and parks in the mountains and forests, are responsible for the city’s attractiveness, freshness, and comparatively refined air.

One of the projects that Isfahan completed and put into operation in the 1970s was the Flower Garden of Isfahan. One of this garden’s most notable characteristics is the use of traditional architectural components in the garden buildings as well as the fact that it serves a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and research purposes.

Isfahan flower garden location

One of the most stunning gardens in the province of Isfahan is the Flowers Garden, which is situated near the Zayandehrud River, Salman Farsi Street, and Bozorgmehr Square. The Pol-e Bozorgmehr BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Station is the bus stop that is most convenient for this garden.

Joui Bridge, Hasht Behesh Palace, Si-o-Se-pol Bridge, Khaju Bridge, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and Naghsh-e Jahan Square are some of the nearby attractions that you can also enjoy visiting while visiting the Flower Garden of Isfahan.

Sights Worth Seeing at Isfahan Flower Garden

The Flower Garden of Isfahan has various sections, some of which include the following:

Rocky garden

The size of the rock garden is 2,500 meters and its height is three meters, and 250 species of rock plants have been planted in this garden.


flower garden of isfahan

This fountain is located on the eastern side of the rock garden and pours a significant amount of water into the pond from a height of four meters. All kinds of river stones have been used in the construction of the waterfall to make the waterfall look completely natural.


In order to cool the air and grow aquatic plants, a pond with an area of ​​about 3500 square meters has been built on the southeast side of the garden.

Garden Area

isfahan flower garden

The entire surface of the garden is mowed. In the center of the garden, there is a carpet design, which is one of the original and ancient patterns of Isfahan. All kinds of flowers have been used to shape the flowers, bushes, and bergamot of the carpet. The passageways of the garden, with an area of ​​about 5000 square meters, are furnished with a type of flooring (granite stones) with special designs.

Fences Around the Garden

Due to the variety of flowers and plants that need special care, the garden is surrounded by simple fences and a green wall of hedges. In such a way as to prevent the traffic of people in the form of a green wall and define the area of ​​the garden.

Medicinal and Edible Botanical Garden

This complex with an area of ​​about 1170 square meters has 132 species of medicinal and edible plants available in different regions of Iran, which have been selected and cultivated based on a series of studies.

Bargan Needle Garden

This part has all kinds of coniferous trees, which occupies an area of ​​more than 2166 square meters of the garden and are located at the far end of the lake. The variety of species in this collection is more than 86 species.

Onion Garden

This complex is also formed with all kinds of onion plants, and it has been tried to show a beautiful view by using a significant number of species that are compatible with Isfahan’s climatic conditions. The number of species in this collection is 38 and its area is over 740 square meters.

Rose Garden

In a part of the garden, gardens have been planned for the cultivation of different types of roses in Iran.

Rose garden

A Collection of Lily Species

This complex, with an area of ​​about 900 square meters, is located on the eastern side of the garden and next to the amphitheater, with 46 types of plants and many types of lilies.

Hedge Collection

In order to separate and separate different parts, different types of hedges, boxwood, and barberry have been used, and the length of the operations in this section reaches 1540 meters.

Collection of Chrysanthemum Species

This complex also has an area of ​​about 900 square meters on the eastern side of the garden with 26 types of plants, which has many types of chrysanthemums.

 Main Corridor

The main and secondary passages have been implemented using 80 x 40 cm water features along with numerous fountains, which have given freshness and beauty to the complex. The water used from the garden’s middle is connected to the water features’ ends, where it flows in a circle before returning to the garden.

Facilities of Isfahan Flower Garden

Flowers Garden - An Enchanting Garden at the Heart of Isfahan

In addition to the sections mentioned above, the Flower Garden of Isfahan also has the following amenities:

  •   Parking
  •   Gazebo
  •   Children’s playground
  •   W.C
  •   Pantry
  •   Sales booth

How to Get to Isfahan Flower Garden

To get to the Flower Garden of Isfahan, you can either use a personal vehicle or public transportation. The closest metro station to the flower garden is the Si-o-Se Pol metro station, from which you have to take a taxi. Bozorgmehr Bridge bus station is also located at a very short distance from the flower garden and you can reach it by using several lines.

The Best Time to Visit the Isfahan Flower Garden

The Flower Garden of Isfahan has its own charms in every season; But due to the blooming of most flowers and pleasant weather, spring and especially May is the best time to visit Isfahan Flower Garden. Morning to midday is the ideal time to visit. During this period, the Flower Garden of Isfahan is often quieter than at other times. Also, try to visit the Isfahan Flower Garden on non-holiday days so that you can visit the garden more easily.

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