One of Isfahan’s oldest bridges running over Zayande rud river, Marnan bridge is a brick structure made in the Sassanid era. It isn’t clear when exactly the bridge was constructed, but it is believed that it was made during 224 to 651 A.D. after the building of Shahrestan Bridge. Marnan was rebuilt and renovated during the Safavid era.

The name “Marnan” is Driven from the word, Marbin, which originates from Mehr-bin, “Mehr” meaning fire, and “bin” meaning visible. Before Zoroastrianism began in Persia, Mithraism was the common belief in the country. One of the most important temples of this religion in Isfahan was the Atashgah of Isfahan. This Fire temple of Mithraism on top of a high mountain, was completely visible from the area that the bridge was built. Hence why the bridge was named “Mehr-bin”.

The bridge connected the northern lands of the riverside to the southern lands. It is the first historic bridge over Zayande rud river as the river enters the city of Isfahan. The nights of Isfahan are beautiful and watching the historic landmarks, bridges and buildings is always extremely soothing to the eyes. Marnan bridge is obviously no exception. While visiting Isfahan, make sure to take a stroll over this glorious bridge.


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