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Anirban b
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Kashan city Introduction

Kashan is the city of flowers and roses, beautiful historic houses, and the capital of Iranian carpets and rugs. To get acquainted with the cradle of Iranian traditional civilization and culture, join us to get acquainted with the useful information that every tourist needs to know about Kashan. Meanwhile, those looking for a Kashan tour can use our Iran tour package.
Of course, if you want to plan a trip to Kashan and need more information than what is said in this article, all you have to do is enter the Kashan Tour page to get acquainted with the sights and entertainment of this city and stay in it. Public information in Kashan and many other cases get useful information.

Where is Kashan?

Kashan is a historical and fragrant city in the north of Isfahan province. This historical city is located near the cities of Qom, Natanz, Delijan, Aran, and Bidgol.

Kashan is more than 7,000 years old and is the birthplace of one of the most significant civilizations in the world, called the Sialk Civilization. There are many historical monuments in this city, the number of which reaches more than 1700. but not all the charm of Kashan can be summarized in its ancient monuments; Rose-picking and carpet-washing ceremonies are fascinating customs that attract thousands of people to this city every year. In the following, we will get acquainted with everything about Kashan.
Kashan climate
Kashan is a desert and hot city. It has hot and hot summers, and the temperature at this time of the year reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn temperatures are between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius, and we will see very cool and pleasant weather. Also, in winter, the temperature does not reach less than 3 degrees Celsius, but you will need warm clothes.

Interesting facts about Kashan

• Kashan is known as the cradle of traditional Iranian civilization and culture.
• The city is about 7,000 years old.
• Many experts consider Kashan to be one of the most beautiful cities in Iran.
• Kashan has a significant role in Iran’s tourism industry.
• Some historians believe that Kashan is the most original and the first city in Iran and the world.
• This city is the carpet capital of Iran, and Kashan carpet is also registered in the intangible heritage of UNESCO.
• The carpet-washing ceremony, whose name appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is held near the city.
• Kashan is one of the first cities in Iran to create factory industries.

Kashan food souvenir

Some of Kashan’s food souvenirs are as follows:
• Rose flower: The most famous souvenir of Kashan is the rose, and dried rose flowers are also sold in different parts of the city.
• Distillates: Mint distillate, pussy willow, cinnamon, and so on
• Kashan cake: This cake is prepared from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable or animal oil, cardamom, saffron, and pistachio kernels for decoration.
• Kashan sweets: Pashmak, Baklava, Sohan, pussy willow, and so on
• Dried fruits: Dried fruits such as figs, peaches, and apples

Kashan handicrafts

Kashan has many handicrafts, and we mention some of them here. For more information, you can refer to the Kashan Tour page.

Carpet: Kashan city has a long history in carpet weaving, and about one-third of its inhabitants are engaged in the carpet weaving industry. It is not bad to know that Kashan carpet weaving skill is on the UNESCO list of spiritual heritage and has a global value. UNESCO considers Kashan’s traditional carpet weaving skills to reflect Iranian society’s human creativity and cultural diversity.

Pottery: The history of pottery in Kashan dates back to 7000 years ago, and many consider this city to be the birthplace of this art. You can buy all kinds of pottery and ornaments as souvenirs during your trip to this land.
Nashlaji espadrille: It is a gift produced in Nashlaj village, 45 km from Kashan. Espadrille production is so common in this village that you can find an espadrille workshop next to almost every house.
Other handicrafts: velvet weaving, Xylo weaving, quilt weaving, copper smithing, and woodcarving

Top attractions of Kashan

Kashan is a city with an ancient history, and in every corner, you can see a historical attraction. It is not possible to name all the sights of this city, but we will mention the most important ones in the following. Of course, if you want to know more about other attractions in Kashan, you can visit the Kashan page.

Fin Garden: Fin Garden is one of Kashan’s most beautiful historical monuments that every tourist should visit. The Finn Garden was built by order of Jamshid Shah of Persia and has been considered by kings in different periods. This beautiful garden, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, attracts many tourists during different seasons.
This garden can be named the most important attraction of Kashan because it is the only historical monument in this city whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This garden has witnessed many historical events, among which we can mention the assassination of Amir Kabir in its bath.

A picture of fin garden

Historic houses: If you love courtyard houses, Kashan is your paradise. In this city, several historical houses are several hundred years old, considered masterpieces of Iranian architecture.
Kashan has several historic houses, each of which has a unique face. The most famous of them is the Tabatabai house, which bears the title of the bride of Iranian houses, and then we can name the Abbasid house, which is a masterpiece in architecture. Boroujerdi house is another historical house in this city that has its beauty.

Agha Bozorg Mosque: Agha bozorg is the name of a complex including a mosque and a school, one of the most magnificent and beautiful buildings of the Qajar period in Iran. The structure and decoration of this mosque are very eye-catching.
Agha bozorg Mosque is a magnificent and spectacular building in Kashan that dates back to the Qajar period. The great-grandfather complex includes the naves, the entrance porch, the mausoleum, the entrance, and the mosque’s courtyard. This fantastic building is built to have cool air in the middle of summer. Remember to take tourist photos in the mosque area. In addition, Kashan has wonderful and amazing sights.

Tepe Sialk

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse: The historical bath of Sultan Amir Ahmad is one of the unique baths in Iran and has beautiful decoration and architecture. This bath is more than 1000 square meters and is visited by many tourists.

Tepe Sialk: This hill contains traces of a 7000-year-old civilization and is the remnants of a civilization in Kashan in ancient times.

If you are interested in watching the remains of the early Iranian civilization, go to the Silk Hills. The historical monuments of this hill were excavated after the flood. Tepe Sialk shows the 7,000-year-old culture of Iran to the world. Historical evidence shows that this hill was once a place of worship and later became a tomb. These tombs are more than 3,000 years old.

Tourist attractions around Kashan

Kashan is known as an artistic and historical city inside Iran and outside the country. The tourist attractions of this city are summarized in three parts: historical, natural, and rituals such as making Rosewater.
Kashan is more than 7,000 years old, and in its alleys and back alleys, the historical and traditional texture is well preserved. In the spring, the scent of Mohammadi flowers wafts through the city. If you plan to travel to this beautiful city, it is better to use our Iran tour package service because you can visit all of Kashan safely.

In this section, we refer to two tourist attractions around the city of Kashan.

Desert touring

Few people know that there is a desert in this city! In the northeast of the city, there are desert areas that have different historical monuments like other parts of Kashan. In this area, in addition to entertainment such as desert touring and off-road riding, you can also visit the Safavid Caravanserai, Karshahi Castle, Yakhab Mountain, and the underground city of Nushabad. The mysterious area of Nushabad consists of three floors at a depth of 4 to 18 meters, dating back to before Islam’s advent, where there are rooms, corridors, and corridors in this underground city that ancient humans built.

Kashan Rose Water Festival

Since ancient times, Kashan making Rose Water has been held in this city and the surrounding urban and rural areas. May is the time of the Kashan Rose Water Festival.
Kashan making Rose Water is one of the most famous traditions among Iranians. Today, a significant part of it is done in Kashan and the surrounding areas. This traditional ritual has a unique atmosphere due to its spring season and the flowering of Mohammadi flowers on Kashan farms.
The people of Kashan and the surrounding cities perform rose-picking ceremonies with special etiquette and thanksgiving. Rose picking in Kashan causes a significant share of economic prosperity in this region, and many workers are employed in this industry on a seasonal basis. With the efforts of the people of Kashan, the rose-making Festival has become a phenomenon to attract foreign and domestic tourists. During the spring, many travelers and tourists visit Kashan and the surrounding towns and villages.

Making Rose Water


Kashan is one of the most attractive cities in Iran for domestic and foreign tourists, and for this reason, we dedicated this article to Kashan Tour. In this article, we tried to introduce the complete information about Kashan to you. We hope you find this helpful article. Finally, we ask you to use our Iran tour package if you plan to travel to Iran.


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Yes, you have to book your Iran culture tour at least 1 day in advance.

What kind of tour is considered an adventure tour?
Generally speaking, any kind of tour that includes exploration or a certain degree of risk, is considered an adventure tour. In Iran, these tours include ski tours, mountain climbing, and nomad tours.
Can I take these tours all year?
No, these tours aren’t available the whole year. It depends on the tour you want to go to. Make sure to contact us before booking.

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