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Mehr als zufrieden! Waren vor Corona im Iran und hatten anfangs Probleme mit dem Visum. Wenige Tage nachdem wir uns an TAP Persia gewendet hatten, hatten wir das Visum in der Hand. Auch bei anderen Fragen oder Problemen stand uns das Unternehmen schnell und freundlich zur Seite!Wir waren von TAP Persia mehr als begeistert und können deren Leistungen zu 100% weiterempfehlen!
Anirban b
Anirban b
Patient and informative. 5star tour guide. We were a group of 4.Thanks to our last moment schedule we had not booked a tour. Tappersia was kind enough to let the local tour guide know and he was very promptly arranged to meet us for the FREE ISFAHAN WALKING TOUR. Amin was the tour guide. He greeted us warmly as we entered Chehre Sotoon palace and what started there ended up with it being the most interesting walk of my life. He was patient with our queries and waited as our mixed group which had people from Spain and Argentina with us.... As info had to be translated for them to Spanish. A free walk in any part of the world usually lasts for an hour or two.... Not amin he would treat all our doubts and questions with respect and answer them.... Ended up with the free walk lasting more than half a day. Will go with 4/5 stars for Amin.
Visa support For the letter of invitation we had some problems with the application. But we got very quick and helpful support. The problem was solved immediately and in a professional way. Very friendly support team with very good English language skills.
Visa application Many thanks to TAP Persia for the fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive visa procurement. I felt in good hands. Highly recommend!
Beautiful city! Really enjoyed doing the walking tour in Isfahan with Samaneh! Her good English and in-depth knowledge in history and arts, not to mention her fun personality, made it a great experience for me 😉
Marin D
Marin D
E-Visa for Iran After i got contact from other travellers which recommended agency Tap Persia, called them same day. From our first communication till end of visa proccess which lasted only few days thanks to them 🙂 They explained every step and during all procces, they were at service to assist me so everything is going well. You could contact them by Whatapp, mail or by phone so easy to reach and speak with them. Very proffesional service! I highly recommend Tap Persia if you want to have smooth process of getting E-Visa
Florent G
Florent G
Visa for Iran I've been told by a friend about tappersia, and yeah, they helped me so much and woow so fast! The payment didn't work on the website but even they helped me for the code. The person who helped me spoke so good english so it was very easy to go on. Thank you for your time and help!
Mionah L
Mionah L
Excellent and fast service I wanted to buy travel insurance from them but their payment system wasn't working so I used the chat functionality on their website, they got back to me within 15 min, they contacted me directly, sent me the insurance papers before I even paid and showed so much goodwill. I was really astonished by their fast response and great service!
Visa TAP Persia est une agence très efficace et très professionnelle. La réponse pour le service visa est très rapide et d'un coût modéré. Mes interlocuteurs ont été professionnels et charmants. Je les recommande très vivement.
Most relaxed holiday thanks to Tappersia We came to Iran in a troubled time so booked everything through Tappersia just so that we would feel a bit more secure but the experience was beyond expectations. I have never had a more relaxed holiday. Everything was already booked for us; we had a private car picking us up every time we changed places, offering tours and stops in between all this on a very affordable price and always being there for every question we had. Totally recommend!

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Tehran is the capital of Iran and the largest city in Iran. Tehran is not known as a historical city, but there are historical places such as magnificent palaces of the Qajar and Pahlavi periods(Tehran tour). Tehran is a city of beautiful parks, modern buildings, high mountains, and splendid mosques.
Rey is one of the most famous cities in Tehran. This city is worth visiting for 2 and 3-day tours. It is possible to check out the Iran tour package and reserve your ideal tour package.

Discovering Tehran—A Journey to Remember

Tehran isn’t the first destination that pops to mind when it comes to international tourism, but if you have a taste for historical buildings, remarkable museums, and appreciate diverse ethnicities, each with a unique culture of their own, and ancient remains and relics, then Tehran is sure to make it to the top of your travel bucket list.

Once you have discarded the suffocating and gloomy image Western mainstream media has made out of Iran’s capital, you open yourself to an entirely new world, which you can discover by taking a tour of Tehran with Tap Persia.

What the capital lacks in pearly beaches and water sports, it makes up for in impressive historical landmarks, countless museums, traditional bazaars, and luxury malls.

Tehran has been the key ground for numerous historical events throughout Iran’s history, and the countless history museums attest to just that.

With a several-thousand long history of Shahs and revolutions and an odd mix of tradition and modernity in its streets, tourists are given a taste of both worlds and guaranteed a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

Azadi Tower
Tehran Tours

A Seven-Thousand-Old Civilization

A visit to Iran demands a unique perspective. An unprejudiced visitor is sure to benefit from being exposed to a different side of the world.

Iran is home to various ethnicities, including Persians, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Gilaks and Mazandaranis, Lurs and Bakhtiari people, Turkmens, Qashqai, Khurasani Turks, Arabs, Baloch, and others. Given the importance of Tehran as the country’s capital, all these various ethnicities merge in the city and create a colorful rainbow of cultures.

As one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Iran boasts of something that only a handful of other countries worldwide can stand up to— a 7000 old history. Such ancient land is sure to be home to countless invaluable relics that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

In the last century, numerous archeological projects have dug up fascinating remnants of the past that have been put on public display in different museums in Tehran. The most prominent museum is the National Museum of Iran which houses the largest collection of archeological objects covering periods from the Lower Paleolithic to the Sassanian Empire.

A Mix of Both Worlds—Modernity and Tradition in Tehan

Iranians are proud of their history and traditions; this can be seen in their respect and admiration for the ways of the past, be it in manners and attitude or architecture and art. This admiration is reflected in the fabric of the city too. But times change, and so do tastes. What makes Tehran a unique destination isn’t its ancient-looking alleys and buildings but the mixture of such a lifestyle with luxury malls and high-rise buildings.

Tehran is where modernity meets tradition, both in the physical shape of the city and in its people’s minds. Tourists are given the opportunity to see both sides and interact with the bazaari people as well as those residing in the up-scale and luxurious neighborhoods of the capital.

A Bazaar in Tehran

A perfect example of this sort of meeting is the Tabiat Bridge, the largest pedestrian bridge and a must-see landmark in Tehran, connecting two public parks in the capital. The bridge is a symbol of balance between technology and nature. Where instead of one taking over the other, they are connected in harmony with one another.

Pahlavi Crown

Reminiscent of the Shahs

Although Iran is now a republic, it has traditionally been an imperial state ruled by emperors and kings, called Shahs, for thousands of years. No tour of Tehran is complete without visiting the museums that bear evidence of the nation’s bygone glory of ancient empires. Must-see places include Niavaran Palace Complex, Sadabaad Palace, and the National Jewelry Museum.

The Niarvaran Palace Complex, located in the north of Tehran, is where the last Iranian royal family resided. It consists of several palace buildings and monuments dating back to Iran’s last two royal dynasties, Qajar and Pahlavi. The complex’s origin goes back to the 1770s when Fath-Ali Shah, the then Qajar Shah of Iran, would spend his summers in the area. After the fall of the Qajar dynasty, the Pahlavis took over and expanded the complex, serving as a place of residence for the royal family as well as entertainment for visiting foreign heads of state.

The fast-developing events of the 1977 Islamic Revolution quickly led to the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty and their assets and properties confiscated. Including The Niavaran Palace. The peripheral buildings in the complex were demolished, while the key ones were turned into museums for the public to visit.

The National Jewelry Museum, located inside the Central Bank’s building in Tehran, is a constant reminder of the nation’s ancient glory and majesty. The collection includes dazzling and invaluable gemstones and jewelry that people only hear of in Persian legends and tales. Visitors are awestruck when they see in person the precious stones and priceless jewels of ancient Persia, including The Peacock Throne, Darya-i Noor, and the Pahlavi crown.

The Sun Throne
Dizin Sky Resort

The Cherry on Top

If historical museums and precious jewels don’t quite convince you to visit Tehran, international ski resorts and luxurious malls are sure to do the trick. For those who easily get bored with history lessons and exhibitions, Tehran offers a wide range of sports and outings, including skiing and mountaineering, to supply a steady rush of adrenaline.

Located about 60 km away from the capital, Dizin Ski Resort can be a good source of adrenaline, especially for those interested in winter sports. The resort is internationally recognized for possessing the standards necessary to hold both national and international winter sports competitions. The resort’s sports are not limited to winter; grass skiing is also available in summer.

Another very popular outdoor activity in Tehran, especially during winters, is mountain climbing. Due to the mountainous nature of the region, countless mountains exist fit for climbing. Visitors’ itineraries can be customized to include mountaineering tours.

Most important of which is Mount Alborz, 5610m tall. If you do plan to go mountain climbing, make sure to visit the capital from mid-June to mid-September, when mild weather conditions make it the best time for climbing; Mt. Alborz is almost impossible to climb in the winter due to extreme winds and low temperatures.

No matter what your primary reason for tourism is, very few people can turn a blind eye to a good shopping spree while on vacation, and fortunately, Tehran offers high-class luxury malls and

shopping centers that suit all tastes. Galleria Shopping Center, Koroush Mall, and Palladium Shopping Center are only a handful of such places.

And if multiple-story extravagant malls aren’t exactly why you visited Iran, you can always check out the capital’s traditional markets known as bazaars. What these traditional marketplaces lack in variety and luxury, they make up for in unique architecture and atmosphere.

Explore Tehran with Tap Persia

If you’re tired of visiting the same popular tourist destinations every year that, most often than not, revolve around sandy beaches and extravagant hotel stays, a visit to Iran should be on your to-do list.

A tour of Tehran is sure to satisfy your restless spirit by offering activities that combine adventure and comfort. Rich history, fascinating cultures, and peoples are sure to make your journey a memorable one.

Tourists are given free daily walking tours during which the capital’s stunning architecture is seen from up close and necessary information is provided. During which they can also come in direct contact with local people, dine out and try new and traditional dishes.

Tehran at night

Key tourist attractions and historic sites in Tehran include Niavaran Palace Complex, Sadabaad Historical Complex, Tabiat Bridge, Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, Treasury of National Jewels, Iran National Museum, and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.

The list, though, is by no means exhaustive, and when other recreational destinations such as the Dizin Sky Resort and Darakeh are taken into account, it becomes a full-package tour where you can both enlighten yourself on the history of this rich nation and vocation in lively middle-eastern weather.

Tap Persia offers all-inclusive tours with 100% customizability, from ancient remains and historic museums to precious jewel exhibitions and palace complexes. Personalization is the distinctive quality of our tours. Visit Iran tour page now to find out more about our Tehran tours.


What are the best places for tours in Tehran?
Despite what most people think, Tehran has many attractions to offer. From historical must-see places to natural attractions you shouldn’t miss. There are many free walking tours, food tasting, ski resorts, and a lot more. Just click here to see the full list.
Which places provide the best tours in Tehran for adrenaline seekers?
Probably the most suitable place for this group of people is going to a ski tour to feel the adventure and spend a great time.
Which places provide the best tours in Tehran for groups?
Almost all the tours are also enjoyable for groups, but walking tours and food tasting may be the best type.

When is the best time to visit Tehran?
Anytime you visit Tehran, you won’t miss anything. It has its own special beauty to offer each season. But if you are an adventurer, seeking skiing, you should probably travel to Tehran in winter to have the chance to go to Dizin Ski Resort and Tochal Mountain.
What kind of tours can I take in Tehran?
Tehran provides a long list of tours including pickup tours, mountain climbing, walking tours, and many natural tours around Tehran.

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